Ahanda Quality Turkish Coffee - Medium Roasted 250g

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Ahanda Quality Turkish Coffee

Traditional / Medium Roasted

It is an unusually silky and lightly flavored Turkish coffee. We can say that it is a new generation Turkish coffee with its roasting method, bean selection and taste-smell balance, which can be consumed easily even by those who say "I can't drink coffee". Freshly roasted at certain periods and packaged with your order, freshly ground Turkish coffee offers the ideal taste to its consumers. The best Turkish coffee is enjoyed with our loved ones. Consume with pleasure.

Product features

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Chocolate milk







How is it prepared


Contrary to popular belief, Turkish coffee is not made with cold water. Its measure is not a teaspoon per cup, but more coffee and made with room temperature water (you can also try mineral water). If possible, a coffee pot made of brass with a wide base and a narrow mouth is ideal for cooking Turkish coffee. If you do not have this, you can choose copper coffee pot or automatic coffee machines (we recommend machines using hot-plate). However, since there is no steel coffee pot and heat control due to thermal insulation, electric coffee pots can squeeze lemon for your coffee pleasure.

We take an average of 5 teaspoons of heaping coffee for 2 cups, you can add 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar if you want medium sugar (brown sugar is our recommendation, we recommend that you stay away from refined sugar), add 2 cups of our water at ideal temperature to our coffee pot and mix it 3-4 times without getting too muddy. We ensure that the coffee is homogeneously dispersed in the water.

We put our ready-to-cook coffee pot on the stove that we opened under a single click of medium heat and wait for it to cook without touching it. Do not stir your coffee during cooking and do not boil it a second time; it would be a shame.

The coffee will have a light brown surface at first, as the temperature increases you will see a dark color appear from the bottom up. When this dark color covers the surface, we lift our coffee pot up for a second and remove it from the fire. 

Then we put it on the fire again and put it in the cup without letting it foam as soon as it starts to bubble. When we take it into the cup, we first distribute the foam equally (you can get yourself a little torpedo) and complete the distribution without interrupting the flow. 

Don't expect Turkish coffee to foam with big bubbles like detergent, thin and spreading foam is the ideal foamy Turkish coffee.


Who Should Prefer


Anyone who does not want to taste bitter and bitter tastes from Turkish coffee and who wants to sip Turkish coffee with pleasure can choose it. Generation Z is not very fond of Turkish coffee, but all those Ahanda regulars who can't give up saying "this is very different" when they try cannot be wrong.


Who It Is Not Suitable For


No, it may not be suitable for those who cannot leave their habits behind by saying that I will drink factory sour coffee.

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